January 3, 2008

Advertising Products

Our advertising products have been designed to deliver a quality message that's complimentary to our Web site and our loyal customers.  We''ve created a platform to give your brand and products the most profitable exposure to the most insightful audience on the web. 
Video Ads : We can accept Video as well as Audio ad rolls, in addition to the traditional static or Flash ad formats.
  • 5-Second Pre Roll Billboard
  • 15-Second First Position
  • 15-Second Mid Roll
  • 15-Second Lower-Third Pre and Post Act Break
  • 15-Second Post Roll
Web Banners
Standard web banner inventory is also available. We recommend the following IAB standards for creative:
  • 728 x 90 Leaderboard
  • 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
  • 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
We will also accept other IAB and non-IAB compliant units.

Additionally, we're eager to explore other custom solutions to meet the needs of your messaging, branding, or promotional campaigns.

Integration and Custom Programming
Underground Soccer is the #1 Soccer Web Forum in the Western United States.  We have over 200,000 page views per month, with a loyal 14K + Unique Visitors per month.  Where better to reach a Demographic best suited to your brand.  Underground Soccer is your place to advertise.  This is Web 2.0 marketing. 

It's the most powerful integration and programming partnership you can invest in.
Contact us to reserve your place now!.


Age of Underground Soccer Viewers

  • 30 % female
  • 70 % male
Current Marital Status:
  • 53% married
  • 34% single
  • 11% divorced
  • 3% widowed
Children under the age of 18 in Household:
  • 56% One
  • 20% Two
  • 18% Three
  • 6% Four or More
  • 3% African American/Black
  • 1% Asian
  • 87% White
  • 9% Other
Shopping Behavior: Shopped online in the last 30
Shopping Behavior: Amount spent on Internet orders in last 12 months

Household income: 65% Underground Soccer viewers' income over $50,000

Email Us
All Inquiries: Sales@UndergroundSoccer.com
Technical Inquiries: Support@UndergroundSoccer.com

Mailing Address
7049 E. Tanque Verde Rd
Box 120
Tucson, Az  85715

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